Levain Bakery

Written by Desiree Fiess.

Did we just say Orgasmic Cookies…?

Oh yes we did and guess what? We’ve discovered it. The world’s tastiest biscuit (or cookie – as it’s called in the USA) It’s worth every calorie, crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside and because this bakery cannot keep up with the demand, it’s always warm and freshly baked. Yummy, a nearly better than sex biscuit.

Levain Bakery is nestled in New York City’s Upper Westside, 74th street, to be exact and opened up a few other cookie heavens across town and one in the Hamptons. When arriving at the bakery on 74th we felt a bit overwhelmed by the crowd of people just waiting to enter the bakery. But do not be dismayed, it’s a tiny bakery and that was the reason for the lengthy que of people outside.

The big question: “Which cookies caused the three of us to cheat on Mr Keto diet? “(Shhhhhh don’t tell Mr Keto). Well, definitely the Chocolate Chip Walnut and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip… The Chocolate Chip Walnut is the most popular, it’s crunchy and pure gooeyness, heaven in one bite. Just to let you know, we had to share. These pure orgasmic goodness is just to big to finish all by yourself… or is it?

We were pretty amazed that these cookies originated in the kitchen of two Ironman athletes, who craved something wholesome, sugary and super tasty after a race. These ladies, Connie MacDonald and Pam Weeks left their daytime jobs (Pam in Fashion and Connie in Banking) to persue their real passion – baking artisan breads and these incredible cookies.

How to get rid of your cookie calorie consumption guilt? Walk through this beautiful suburb, all the way down – through Central Park, while you wish you ordered another cookie to eat as a midnight snack or maybe before you even get back to your hotel…

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