Written by Tanja Lugg (While eating ButtaNut…)

So where do I start… I have come to realize that I am actually in quite a predicament or so most would say but I believe it’s an awesome problem to have.

Rob and I discovered ButtaNut a while ago while looking for alternatives and healthier food choices. Well, little did I know that it will be so delicious that I would wake up during the night with a craving, eat it in and with almost everything and get everyone around me addicted.

Being quite conscious about what I put in my body this has been pure pleasure and so helpful in so many ways. So, what I am basically trying to say is, if you have never tasted ButtaNut’s products you seriously need to make a plan, it is worth it and I know because this feeder sometimes has a jar a day.

Healthy has never tasted this good (oh by the way, personally I enjoy the Cocoa Macadamia the most) and get ready to fall in love like in instantly.


Link to ButtaNut’s website:


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