Written by Desiree Fiess.

Why SUMUS? Because “UBUNTU” was taken.

Bernard Odendaal had me in stitches with his wit and dry sense of humor. With a masters degree in political science, technology fundi, social media expert and passion for aviation, he is definitely one of the most interesting people I’ve had the opportunity to drink coffee with.

Bernard believes in trying something new every single year. “You must constantly grow, always put your hand to something new, if you don’t like it or you don’t succeed, then try something different. Life is an adventure.” Bernard has always had a love for quality leather products and decided to start a new hobby. At first it was a standing joke, all his friends and family knew that whatever Bernard crafted during the weekend was going to be the next birthday gift. After a few posts on Social Media, the request for these hand-stitched bags started rolling in and soon turned into a successful venture.

What make these bespoke leather handbags so special? Each bag is designed and handmade to the buyer’s need and specification. It is hand-stitched and made from the finest diesel oil-based leather. Diesel is an aniline effect-leather. Buffed and then coated in oil – then burned through an ironing press to achieve the effect. Once, in use the oil disperses into the hide, softening the leather from the inside out. This creates a two-toned distress appearance with a soft velvet touch. This class of leather is deservingly used to craft the majority of all the SUMUS handbags. SUMUS also expanded their range and Vegan leather bags, which can be coloured in various different colours, are now also available. Each bag gets delivered with a handwritten note by Bernard himself. Luxury and love is also in the little things.

SUMUS – Latin – WE ARE. My constant reminder that we ARE because of everyone around us. No man is an island. When we put our skills, knowledge and hearts together we can accomplish so much more. Unity is oneness of person, not sameness of persons. That’s why a bespoke SUMUS handbag is a must have, it symbolizes unity while it simultaneously celebrate our uniqueness.

Go follow SUMUS.ONLINE on Facebook and Instagram , trust me you want one of these bespoke handbags.

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