Coffee Lovers UNITE

Written by Wietske Lentink.

So, if you are anything like me and you truly love coffee you would know exactly what I mean when I say I NEED coffee in my life.

The first thing I think about in the morning when my eyes open is that warm cup of freshly brewed coffee. That smell that fills up your whole house. Can you smell it…? The smell that anybody would recognize and immediately experience a sense of complete bliss. Oh, and I also think that I need coffee to wake up otherwise I would be sleep walking the whole day.

So, this is the part where I introduce Illy coffee. Without a doubt this is hands down the best coffee in South Africa I have ever tasted. Their packaging is also very innovative. Illy coffee is placed in recyclable cans under high pressure along with natural inert nitrogen which ensures that the coffee stays fresher for longer and all the natural aromas are preserved. The best part is that you can buy their coffee online which makes me very excited because nothing beats online shopping.

With all that aside let’s focus on the coffee because to be honest that’s why you are reading this. With Illy coffee you can literally take your senses to the next level – their coffee is just bursting with flavor. Imagine brewing a cup of authentic Italian coffee. I think I am actually drooling just thinking about that. Their coffee really is that good.

Go on, you know you want to, just click on this link and buy some coffee!!

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