Lazy Housewife’s Chocolate Cake

Written Desiree Fiess.

No, my husband didn’t marry me for my cooking or baking skills. For all of those I always had Woolworths, just around the corner, to my rescue. After arriving in Dubai, I realized that homemade cakes and baking-up-a-storm was in order and I quickly had to raise my game. Here in Dubai we have incredible supermarkets with diversity that makes shopping an absolute pleasure. It’s like having a little America, UK, Australia and South Africa all under one roof, but unfortunately my dear old friends, Milktart and Koeksister, have been absent from the shelves and I haven’t been able to find chocolate cake that made my mouth water. Well, all of this still didn’t cause me to fall in love with my oven, so I raised my game to becoming a more practical, inventive baker…

Hereby with my easy peasy chocolate cake recipe…

1 box of Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake Mix.

You can use any other brand but this is my favorite brand.

Mix the ingredients.

(Replace the water with milk, oil with melted butter and add an extra egg)

Bake in a lightly greased ovenproof dish as instructed.

(I use two smaller dishes instead of one big dish – that way I can bake two cakes at once)

After removing the cake from the oven,

Melt two or three Snicker bars or a big slab of Cadbury’s Wholenut chocolate in a bowl with 500ml of pouring cream on a very low heat. Stir it continuously to avoid burning the chocolate.

Pour the hot mixture over the warm cake evenly.

You can serve this as a warm dessert with ice cream or leave it to cool down and serve it as a cake. Your friends will love you forever and a day.

Why work hard? Just work smart!

Enjoy this little piece of chocolate cake heaven.


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