Angus goes to Hollywood

Angus goes to Hollywood.

Okay, okay, not really Hollywood but Angus did go to Dubai.

The decision to ship Angus all the way across the Indian Ocean was pretty much a no-brainer. Leave no man behind. We go, our pets go. He was, at the mature age of eleven years, declared healthy enough to fly halfway across the world. We started the process, a long tedious, very, yes, very expensive process.

Firstly, Mr Angus needed a rabies inoculation, a month later (the prescribed waiting time) a rabies test. It took about three months for our local Vet to receive the test results from Onderstepoort. Three months is the standard waiting period. Nada, you will not get it any sooner and luckily also not any later. And yes, you need it…

Secondly, information is your best friend. The most informative website I can recommend is Importing Pets into Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE • DKC . This company can also assist you with the collection and clearing of customs in the UAE. This website is absolutely brilliant and was a real lifesaver.

To alleviate the stress of sending a furry family member abroad you need to make use of a reputable Pet Travel Agency. Animals-en-Route. Vanessa and Paul (or the dog whisperer, as my mother in-law calls him) provided us with the best service and information. They provided Angus with the correct size crate, if incorrect the airline will fine you. They also collected all his documentation from our local vet and took it to the State Vet to have Angus cleared for exportation. They collected him from our Pretoria home on the day of departure and made sure he boarded the aircraft safely.

As pet owner you are responsible for the following:

Rabies inoculation

Rabies test and clearance certificate from Onderstepoort

All inoculations are up to date

The Animal Passport (Vet’s book) and copies thereof.

An import permit from the UAE authorities. You can obtain this permit online from The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment .

A confirmation that your animal has been microchipped. This can be obtained from your local vet or the Microchip company.

48 hours before travelling your pet will need an external and internal parasite treatment from your local vet. At this stage the vet will also issue you with a health certificate. Kindly leave all documentation with your vet, where it will be collected by the Pet Travel Agency. All documentation will be handed over to the State Vet (within 24 hours of traveling) who will provide the travel agency with clearance to export the pet.

On the day of the big flight abroad, the Pet Travel Agency will collect your pet from your residence. A few things to send with your furbaby… his/her favorite blankie, some pet food in a small bag, attached to the cage, just for incase there is a delay of the flight. You don’t want your doggie to go hungry and his/her leash. Kindly note, that all documentation will travel with your pet.

The Travel Agency will also provide you with a copy of the Waybill, this is extremely important for the collection of your pet in his/her in Dubai.

For his/her arrival, there are two options. You can either collect him/her yourself or get an Pet Travel Agency in Dubai to collect your pet and deliver him/her straight to your door. We took the first option as my husband was already residing in the UAE.

To collect your pet you need:

To be at the cargo section of the airport when the flight arrive.

Copy of the Waybill

Copy of passport

Copy of UAE ID

Copy of UAE Residency permit.

Plus minus 1000 Dirhams veterinary inspection fee.

(In fact, I just took copies of all the documentation for Angus that we handed in – rather over prepared than under prepared.)

I will add that, due to Angus’s age, I had a sleepless night knowing that I’ve put my overprotected, of well aged doggie-child on an aircraft, crossing the Indian Ocean, on an eight hour flight. Angus was, just like a human dehydrated and jet lagged after his flight. It is of most importance to ensure your doggie gets adequate fluids as soon as he/she reaches his/hers new home.

Today, I must admit, bringing Angus to Dubai was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Yes, it did cost us about R25 000 in total but the joy it brings knowing that my boy is with us, at home, is totally priceless. Today, Angus lives like royalty, as the only doggie in our street, he is spoilt rotten, he goes for daily walkies in the park and was even taught to ride the electric scooter with his Dad. Life is good, Angus the King of the Dubai Dogs. My most loyal friend.

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