Siri, do the dishes!

Princess: regal rank or and the feminine equivalent of a prince; daughter of a king; me, coming home from a flight, someone serving me a cup of tea, bags magically unpacked, most wonderful turndown service – just short of a chocolate on my pillow, me just climbing into my warm bed while someone do my laundry and making sure my meal is cooked and table set for when I get up.

That was ten years ago.

Last December I moved to Dubai. I left my daytime job, said goodbye to my trusted, reliable housekeeper and literally within one day turned from being a woman in high heels, with hair extensions, long nails and a frivolous social life into a housekeeper, a cook, a dog walker – a REAL housewife of Dubai. Hectic!

In the beginning, setting up house was real fun and I did a mean job with a broom and mop. I, by now, can write Amazon reviews on vacuum cleaners, I can tell you that nothing beats Fairie dishwashing liquid and a dishwasher is a no go item. How on earth do people cope without it?

I battled with the ironing, but thank God I married a man that is pretty handy with an iron and ironing board.

Within two months of leaving my job, setting up house, walking dogs, feeding stray cats, trying to beat the desert dust. I mean I live in the damn desert, so lesson number one for anyone moving to the UAE: Do not try and beat the dust. The dust always wins!!! Within two months I felt depressed. Is this what I’m going to do with my hard earned degree? I drove my husband absolutely bonkers trying to keep the dust outside and mopped my floors about 10 times a day. Just to feel like I was adding some kind of value to my household.

In “When breath becomes air” the author wrote that we still regard some jobs as insignificant. He wrote that when he told his family that he had to take out some time to write, they would judge him for his decision far more than what they would when he told them that he had to go to hospital to perform an emergency surgery. Sometimes the words that he wrote had a more far- reaching effect in people’s lives than the surgeries that he performed. Why do we always look down on ourselves and think: I’m just a wife. I’m just a mother. I’m just a writer. When we are actually so much more than that. Everything we do ads value, it’s just our perspective, social media and society that has changed our perspective of significance. Trust me, someone needs to do the laundry, someone needs to feed the kids and drive them to school, someone needs to clean up. All of those seemingly insignificant things add value to a child or person’s life.

I have changed a few things around here, I’ve changed my perspective and a few ways on how I handle the chores I dislike around here:

I ask for help. To be more precise, I hire help, someone to iron those fancy shirts. Someone that can do it far better than what I can. She only comes in once a week, but Tuesdays are now my most favorite day of the week.

I bought a Robot. Yip, her name is Roborock. I call her Dorah, you should google her. She is the best thing since sliced bread. Roborock | Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Roborock OfficialShe vacuums and mops. You can even program her to avoid those “no- go zones” in your house. So now, I can go for my morning run, write my blogs, work on my new venture, go shopping and have gin o’clock while she does all the hard work for me.

Some horrible chores just cannot be avoided. Every once in a while you just have to scrub a pot or repack your cupboards. I use this time to listen to podcasts. I’ve decided that life is to

short not to grow, learn, nurture your soul and have some fun. Horrible chore time, has changed into personal growth time. Are you new in Podcast World and need ideas on what to listen to?

My favorites are: Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis, Steven Furtick from Elevation Church, For the Love of Podcasts, Your Move – Andy Stanley, just to mention a few. Podcasts does for your soul and mind what a spa day does for your body. Smartphones are not just for Instagram, Facebook and What’s App, it can play podcasts too.

I’m not the typical stay at home person. I wish I was, but I want different things for my life. Your needs and wants doesn’t make you wrong or right. It just makes you, YOU. Never be so dissatisfied with where you are right now, that you are missing the purpose, the reason for your season. Sometimes not having a full-time job means that you have now more time to focus and prepare yourself for where you want to go. Use the time wisely. Don’t live with fear, guilt or resentment. Ask for help when you need it, feed your soul with the good things and ask someone to do your ironing, pay him/her if you need to. Whatever you do, just start by being kind to yourself.

With love from my couch in Dubai. (with the robot vacuuming the carpet as I’m typing this)

Peach (Desiree)

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